Texas Shooting


I didn’t have to say that to my Muslim friends. They were equally as sickened by the actions of those claiming to be doing evil things in the name of Allah.

Why won’t you denounce men? Do you secretly agree with them?


You want to hear some cases of women who ran off leaving the kids with the man? …or abandoning them in a dumpster?..or drowning them in a car etc? What’s wrong with women?

So I take it that your muslim friends are organizing study group focused on understanding what is wrong with Islam and how to fix it…


I’m talking about men being violent murderers and rapists, not deadbeat fathers but would you like to hear about mine who left my mom with three kids for a blonde with big tits and his job?


Okay - so you have an axe to grind when it comes to men. I figured that. Okay, Starling. I’m here for you. Tell your story.


I only have an axe to grind with one man and it’s been well ground.

I just can’t deny the one thing all this mass murderers seem to have in common is a PENIS (and no balls).


It’s incredible that you ask that question. I mean, in.cred.i.ble. Honestly, CJ Gump, what percentage of Muslims carry out terrorist attacks?


Parody, Lotus.

I forgot to use the sarcasm font.


…any of them kill 650 women?



I’m not sure what your point is, but it seems at least similar to @LotusBud 's point.

One thought both of you may have missed is that MEN of my generation have had the experience of growing up watching Audie Murphy, John Wayne, and others killing other people on the silver screen, sometimes in large numbers…and then being involuntarily conscripted into the US military and trained to do that same shit…and then, on this exact date 52 years ago (or some other such date), finding themselves in the position of burning their way through maybe 800 or 900 rounds of machine gun ammo which they were expected to direct in the general direction of said other people with the intent to kill or incapacitate them. And not just on one special afternoon, but more like several afternoons a week. Then, a year or two later, allowed to return home to a chilly reception.

In fact, here’s one of those guys here. Read his story before you go off on “MEN” without first recognizing that MEN are largely what the culture and society that was supposed to nurture them and shape them TURNED THEM INTO…and not really by accident.


The shooter was identified as Devin Kelley, 26, of New Braunfels, Texas, which is about 35 miles from Sutherland Springs, federal and state law enforcement sources told ABC News.

The investigation into his background is unfolding. The suspect’s Facebook profile appeared to show a picture of an AR-15–style gun. A LinkedIn account that is believed to be associated with the shooter suggested that he had a military background.

Fuckin’ Muslims!


I will read it when I have more time but I don’t know what the objection is to the FACT that both Lotus and I are stating. This isn’t a new phenomenon either. Men have been violent brutes going back as far as time.


War is a nasty business and I think it’s a terrible crime that young men fight old rich men’s wars. The men who start the wars should fight them, or just be sent to prison. Clearly wars damage men horribly.

But, seriously, even men who haven’t had to go to war seem to love guns, love violent movies and video games, get in physical fights, knock their women around, rape and assault women, kill people with impunity (cops), etc. CLEARLY I am not talking about all men, but why do so many (way more than is healthy) behave this way? They need to catch up with evolution. The vast majority of them do not need to kill other people or even animals in order to survive.


Why don’t the moderate mass shooters denounce the extremist mass shooters?


Now that we’ve had two good ol’ boy mass shootings in the last month, I wonder if any of these gun fondlers will do some soul searching about their relationship to their metal barrels.


It’s my understanding that men are just beasts by nature - born that way, but it is the women who civilize them. How often and in how many ways has it been said that a women had made a man want to be a better man? That seems the natural order. So when a man turns out to be the beast he was born as, isn’t that the woman’s failing?


CJ, get back in yer tent. Seriously.


It’s all about nurture, Lotus.
Who failed to nurture these men if not the women in their lives?


Their fathers? A lot of men who get beaten or emotionally abused by their fathers turn into assholes, ya know.


“Mama, I just killed a man, pulled the trigger now he’s dead, Mama…”


…and who didn’t nurture those fathers, Lotus?