Texas Shooting


Their fathers, CJ.


…and the women that nature designated their tamers and civilizers bear no responsibility for their failure, Lotus?



Do you think going against their nature is what’s turning men so violent?


No - I think it is part of the masculine principle to be aggressive. That goes for in exploration and discovery also. Invention and advancement. Lotus and I both hike, but she never leaves the trail - I want to know what is over there, so I go find out. See?


So what’s the deal with the raping and the killing then?


To be civilized implies social rules/laws. They aren’t civilized.

Who are the tamers and civilizers?






So the solution is to allow men to be uncivilized?


Good gods - are you drinking with Lotus?

No - somebody got to inspire these guys to redirect all that energy. It can be done. It has been.


I was asking Doc. You know, where you put a ? at the end of a line to gather unknown information from another.

So we have to connect men and keep em busy.


So is that what are American Exceptionalism is all about, having more macho masculine men who like being men among men, willing to mass murder than every other “Civilized” Country?


Context, friend, context.

Well - you’re all obviously too drunk to have a rational conversation. So let’s leave this one here for another day.


Certainly - and directed toward more noble things than blowing shit up.


A, that’s just not true. lmao
B, I have far more respect for the environment than you do.


I am disappointed, normally you attempt to make a more perspicacious showing of your trolling skills.


Because they are too weak and unintelligent to figure out how to behave without Mommy to tell them?

Thank god my son is not one of your ilk.


A - so you’re a bushwacker. Hmmmm
B - Hardly, you just have less understanding of it, miss I don’t mind that thousands of gallons of jet fuel are jettisoned before my big jumbo jet lands.

…and you don’t see that very statement as a support of what I have been saying.
Let’s just say thank gods he has a nurturing mom like you so he won’t be a mass murderer.


I think the points I have made find their mark quite well.