Texas Shooting


men are lions - women, lion tamers.


Lions = rapists and murderers


Rams 51 Giants 17 t’eh heh heh heh.

“Behind every great man is a great woman”

Maybe there isn’t one behind or along side of the ones who are beastly.


See, I think rather than making this all about guns, it might be better to ask if this isn’t what happens when there has been a breakdown in nature’s fundamental social order. When you strip the goddess out of religion as the Monotheists have done, and that informs the society where the perversion prevails - as it has in the muslim lands - then you are ultimately left with raw aggression w/o a noble direction. That is more what we are seeing.


Watcha drinking Doc?


:stuck_out_tongue: pPPBthTHtHtHtHtT


He also has a supportive dad who’s not a neglectful or violent monster. So, you’re saying that doesn’t count?



What perversion do you mean?


The perversion of eliminating the female deities, the female principles, diminishing the roll of women in society, until you have a massive imbalance of male/female energy.

Of course it counts. and congrats on taming him, or was it his mom who had done that?


Religion doesn’t always mean “God” in the way you are thinking, but not to worry anyway - I rethought all of this and what I think is…We need a law. Something about controlling the guns. One like the other 4 or 5 hundred on the books, only better. Then and only then will the violence stop.


I predict a monumental Monday hangover for at least one of our posters.


Yeah the 70s were a real bitch in the ME.



Good guy. I can see his skin is white.


You know - I tried to get her to slow down. She has a responsibility to her students not to be wasted in class.

So…Let’s come up with a proper law that will end all of this. Not the one from the last mass murder thread, or the one before that, but a reeeelly good one that will end all of the violence once and for all.


Interesting development



Yes nothing moar American than a wife beater with guns! MAGA!


Exactly - see. There was no reverence for the goddess.

…and you know - with all of the problems we have here with hyper Yangism, their are those who want to import cultures and “religions” that are even more out of balance. May heaven help us.

I ordered this mainly for the picks. Just like mom used to have. :smiley:


I await your draft.

But I warn you that I don’t this issue can be addressed by a proper law. In days to come I’ll explore why not.